Twelfth Night Vs. She's a Men

The Comedy Ladder between Twelfth Night & She's a Men

The difference & similes between the Viola's

The Viola in the play Twelfth Night have no parents unlike the Viola in the movie She's a Men. Both of them dress up as a men but one to live in a unknown land an the other is to prove that she can play soccer. They both fall in love with the same person that they are working with.
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The comedy levels

William Shakespeare's poem have many themes of the female body that makes it most lowest level comedy then the movie. The movie just have unpredictable events that makes it a comedy itself.

  • In the play they mostly say bosom a lot of times
  • In the movie it is the event of how thing take place
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The time of both of these are different

The play is base on the 1601–02, as for the movie was today of time of the 21st century.
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