Panther Press

Fall 2016

The year is off to a great start!

Can you believe we are already into the second week of October? The fall semester is flying by and we have many great activities to come the remainder of this semester. Thanks for your incredible support of our Adventure Dash Fall Fundraiser and don't forget to check the school calendar on our website for upcoming events. Please follow us on Twitter - Pebble Creek@pc_elementary and see current updates on our website at Be sure to register to receive our monthly PTO newsletter and like our PTO Facebook page as well for the latest PC news.

Parent Conferences...

One of our campus goals is to meet with the parents of every student here at Pebble Creek Elementary - 100% participation. Be sure to sign up for a conference time with your child's teacher if you have not already done so. October 10 and 11 are student holidays to allow teachers the time to meet with parents to review students' academic and behavioral progress this year.

Arrival and Dismissal reminders...

Each day we are making sure over 400 students enter and exit our campus safely. We need everyone's help to ensure that everyone on campus is safe during the morning and afternoon rush. As you drive through the school zone and onto the campus, please be mindful of putting away your cell phones as they can distract you from pedestrians in the road and parking lot. You can assist us by following our routines and procedures each day.

Morning Procedures

For students coming to school by car, please use the drive through lane supervised by our Daddy Patrol. For safety reasons, please do not drop off students in the parking lot. Please follow the safety cones and stay in a single lane through the car rider line. Passing cars to get out of the parking lot quickly is dangerous and poses a safety threat to our students. Bus riders will be escorted into the building by a faculty member. The cafeteria will serve breakfast from 7:20-7:45. Official school start time is 7:45.


The bell rings at 3:05 p.m. Please make sure your child’s teacher knows how your child will get home. If you have a change in transportation, please call the school office, (979) 764-5595, before 1:30. Please do not rely on e-mail to convey changes of transportation. To help your child prepare for a safe, smooth and worry free dismissal at the end of each day, make sure your child and your child’s teacher know specific plans for dismissal.

Kids Klub

This is an after-school program at Pebble Creek. Students who are enrolled in Kids Klub will be taken to Kids Klub counselors after school . For information on Kids Klub, call (979) 764-5430.

Car Riders

The drive through lane is the safest and fastest way to pick up your child. Car riders are escorted out to the front of the school. All students will wait in a designated area. The eight colored squares placed near the cross walk are for students to load safely in their cars. Students will be put in cars by teachers on duty. To ease the congestion, parents of car riders are encouraged to attach a name card with their child’s last name clearly printed on the visor of the passenger side of the vehicle. Flip the visor down as you drive through the car line for pick-up. Please follow the safety cones and stay in a single lane through the car rider line. Passing cars to get out of the parking lot quickly is dangerous and poses a safety threat to our students. Refrain from talking or texting on your cell phones. Please do not park in the parking lot to pick up your child from the car rider line.

Bus Riders

Bus riders are taken by the teachers to load buses. For additional bus information, including bus numbers, call Transportation @ 764-5440 or visit their webpage by going to and selecting the parent info tab.


Walkers are students picked up by a parent, grandparent, babysitter, etc. on the gym side of the school by the playground. Parents (or designated caregiver) either park their car on the street or in the parking lot and walk up to the school to pick up their child personally by foot at 3:05 p.m. Please note, it is quicker and helps with traffic congestion if students are picked up by car using the drive through lane.


The safety of your child and family is of utmost importance to us. The safest way to get to cars parked in the parking lot is by crossing at the crosswalk in the front of the school. Do not cut across the curved driveway to get from the playground to the parking lot during heavy drop off and pick up times of the day. This is an extreme safety hazard in heavy traffic times.

Fire Lane

Parents, please be mindful of leaving your car in our fire lanes. Parking and leaving your car in the fire lane is against the fire code and may result in an expensive ticket from the Fire Marshall's office.

Thank you for complying with these important routines and procedures. By doing so, students will be able to arrive and dismiss from school effectively and safely.

We Love our VIPS!!!!

We have many volunteer opportunities here at Pebble Creek, including room parents, party coordinators, classroom helpers, field trip chaperones, etc. All volunteers must be VIPS approved each school year. The application may be accessed online by going to and selecting the parent info tab. Follow the prompts for the volunteer application. The approval process may take up to a week to finalize.

Adventure Dash is a huge success!

Thanks to all of our Panther families and friends for making our Adventure Dash Fall Fundraiser a success. Together, we met our fundraising goal! We will be purchasing classroom iPads and Osmo's (click here to learn more about Osmo's) and library upgrades, including much-needed chapter and nonfiction books.

As a result, Mrs. Roraback and Mr. Whileyman have graciously agreed to ride the halls of Pebble Creek on a tricycle for a day and compete in a race for Pebble Creek Trike Champion!