Vocabulary 5

Hailey Picciano


organization or alliance of several groups joined together


one of the parts of the US Congress which has two representatives from each state

Bill of Rights

the first ten amendments to the US Constitution

executive branch

the branch of government that executes, or carries out, the laws - the President


to agree to

Northwest Ordinance of 1787

process for creating new states in the Northwest Territory and outlawed slavery in the new states


A federal system of government is one in which a nation’s powers are divided between a central government and the governments of individual states

popular sovereignty

the belief that the political power of a nation or state comes from the consent of the people

The Great Compromise

an agreement that was reached at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 which set up a two house legislative branch where each state would have equal representation in the Senate and representation in the House would be based on population


official change, correction, or addition to a law or constitution


having a single legislative, or lawmaking body