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Woodcreek C.A.R.E.S.

Have you seen a WMS staff member doing exceptional things? If so feel free to recognize them with a virtual pat on the back via our Woodcreek C.A.R.E.S. form. Teacher and staff work through a lot of issues daily, and it is always great for them to hear some positive feedback from our stakeholders. See the link below to give a high-five to staff you feel should be positively recognized!

Woodcreek Academic Updates & Assessment/Testing

Social Studies

  • 6th: This week we wrapped up the South America Unit and the unit test was Friday February 24th. Next week we will begin our exploration of Europe. Students will be participating in a book study after Spring Break and more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

  • 7th: This week, Texas History students took the test over Unit 8, which covered the Republic of Texas. From now until Spring Break, we will focus on the Early Statehood Era, which is the time from when Texas was annexed by the United States in 1846, until Texas joined the Confederacy in 1861. Students will finish this unit with a project that will count as a summative grade. We will complete the project in class on March 6-8.

  • 8th: This week, students continued analyzing Westward Expansion and the belief in Manifest Destiny. Our test over this unit will take place next Friday, March 3. Next week, advanced students will participate in a debate over Jackson & Manifest Destiny, and the On-Level students will work on their Westward Expansion map during class.


The Math Interim Assessments are this week- 7th Grade on Monday, 6th Grade on Tuesday and 8th Grade/Algebra on Wednesday.

  • 6th: Our On Level Math students will continue with a reteaching of Equations and Inequalities and their RETEST will be on Friday March 3th or Monday March 6th. Advanced Math students will move on to data analysis. Thank you all for your support with our 6th graders. We are close to learning all of our TEKS for 6th grade.

  • 7th: This week Advanced 7th grade mathematicians will continue exploring the concept of surface area. On-Level 7th grade mathematicians will continue exploring similar figures and scale factors. Afterwards, they will write and solve equations using geometry concepts, including the sum of the angles in a triangle, and angle relationships.

  • 8th: On Level students will take their Surface Area Assessment on Tuesday February 28th. Students will review their test data after the Interim Assessment.

  • Algebra: Algebra Students will begin Unit 9, Graphing Quadratic Functions. This will involve graphing quadratics given key attributes, as well as finding the attributes given the function.


  • 6th: This week students will continue their independent reading at the beginning of class. Students will begin skill-based workstations and small group reviews.

  • 7th: This week students will continue their independent reading during the first 10 minutes of class. The students will analyze the author’s purpose, theme, and point of view. The students will also begin part one of their book club project.

  • 8th: This week students will continue their independent reading with their book club book during the first 10 minutes of class. Students will choose an activity to show their understanding of tone, mood, setting, and perspective and apply it to their book club book.


  • 6th: This week students will be continuing to demonstrate their understanding of the land features created at each type of plate boundary. Then they will explore and learn about the rock cycle.

  • 7th: This week students will take their Plants Test on Wednesday. Then students will explore dichotomous keys.

  • 8th: This week 8th graders will continue to explore Newton’s Laws through mini labs and Monday and Tuesday. Then they will dive into the relationship between force, mass and acceleration.

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On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, all 8th grade students will take the PreACT 8/9.

The PreACT 8/9 is an ACT paper multiple choice assessment that gives students an early measure of college and career readiness while providing performance predictions and instructional support/ guidance. The results of this test will not be used for a grade and it will not affect any placement or program in which your child may want to participate.

The PreACT 8/9 test has a total of 4 sections to be given in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Please see the test breakdown below:

o English: 30 min. - 45 questions

o Math: 40 min.- 36 questions

o Reading: 30 min.- 25 questions (with 3 passages)

o Science: 30 min.- 30 questions

Important Information for Parents and Students:

Please visit the ACT Overview Page for more information about the PreACT 8/9.

Please visit PreACT 8/9 Test Taking Tips for Test Day document for more detailed information about the PreACT 8/9 Test.

State Assessment & Testing (STAAR)

***No visitors or deliveries will be permitted

on STAAR Testing days!!!!

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) test is being redesigned to make the test more tightly aligned to the classroom experience.

The STAAR redesign is a result of House Bill (HB) 3906 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019. The Texas Education Agency (TEA), working with a wide range of education stakeholders, including the Assessment Education Advisory Committee, has been exploring the most instructionally supportive approach to implementing these changes. The redesign will be implemented in the state summative assessments administered in the 2022–2023 school year.

The STAAR redesign includes several components:

For more information about how the STAAR redesign improves alignment to the classroom experience, hear what teachers are saying, reference the STAAR Redesign February 2022 Presentation (PDF, posted 3/7/22), or see below for more information about each component. For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), please reference the STAAR Redesign FAQ (PDF, updated 8/30/22). You may access the STAAR online testing platform for practice here.

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PBIS Rewards

Parents! We are still accepting donations for our ELITE points raffles. Our first raffle will take place on Friday, September 23rd. Please click the links below to see how you can donate and to see the details of the WMS PBIS rewards system.

Personalized Learning Department

This month is full of important events connected to important social emotional lessons. We are celebrating Black History Month with various activities in Advisory. Our students are reading Becoming Muhammad Ali and learning about social emotional topics like Motivation and Equity.


  • Yearbooks are still on sale! Yearbooks are $40 between now and the end of the school year until supplies last. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own a piece of this amazing year at WMS! If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Russell (

Student Council

We are accepting donations for the Pollinator Garden. Why should you support a garden that will be built in front of the back parking lot?

1. It will encourage healthy pollination by attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

2. This garden will draw community support.

3. Empower students to work in the garden.

We are accepting items such as lumber, flowering seeds, hummingbird nectar, garden towels, wheelbarrows, top soil, watering cans, bird baths, gloves, fruit trees, and etc.

We will eventually like to grow items that can be used in the Culinary class.

Woodcreek PTO


  • 6th grade officially meets Tuesdays after school until 4:45.

  • 7th and 8th grade officially meets Thursday after school until 4:45

  • Students are welcome to come other days upon request until 4:45

  • WMS robotics competition will be on March 9th. More details to come.

Please contact me with any questions!

Chess Club

  • 6th grade meets on Tuesdays in RM 210 from 4:00-4:45

  • 7th/8th grade meets on Thursday in RM 210 from 4:00-4:45

Dungeons & Dragons Club

  • We meet on Tuesdays in RM 216 from 4-5:30pm


Upcoming Events

  • Sisterhood meeting on Monday, February 27, from 4-5 in room 415.
  • Women’s History Month Brunch Tickets go on sale Wednesday, March 1, 2023.
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Visual Arts

Visual Arts will continue to study American Black Artists this week. Classes will be learning about Kimmy Cantrell’s masks or Kehinde Wiley’s portraits. Beginning classes will focus on the Art Element, VALUE and SPACE, learning about foreground, middleground and background. Arts & Crafts students will be making their own masks out of cardboard and painting them. We will also be starting pieces for upcoming competitions. As always, everyone is welcome to attend WMS Art Club. March’s meetings will be Tuesday, March 7 and March 21, 4-4:45pm.


WMS Dance Class

The WMS dance classes have been exploring their emotional side with lyrical dance. This week the students are performing a one minute lyrical dance in a duet or trio.

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The Lionettes Dance Team did an amazing job representing WMS and our community at their first dance competition. The Lionettes performed with confidence and worked together as a team to bring home a variety of awards. Here are some of the awards:

  • Grand Champion Award

  • Best In Class Team Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary

  • Best In Class Officer Jazz

  • 8th grade Solo Winner - Laila Kearney, 8th grade Solo Finalist - Brooklyn Roberts

  • 7th grade Solo Winner - Payton Nelson, 7th grade Solo Finalist - Whitney Marchant

The Lionettes will be competing again this Saturday at AHS. Please come out and support!

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Incoming 6th Graders 23-24 School Year

Instrument Selection will Be Wednesday March 22 and 23 from 4:30-6:30 Percussion will be auditioned on Thursday March 29th and Make-up Day for All other Instruments.

There will be a Sign up on the WMS Band Website and the Cub Hub Soon

  • All Beginner Band Classes are moving quickly on new music concepts. You should be hearing your young Band Student practicing between 15-30 minutes each night as we are learning new material weekly.

  • Symphonic Band: Sectionals will continue until the First week of March

    • Thursday March 2nd UIL Parent Concert 7:00 WMS

    • Tuesday March 7th UIL Performance Time is 2:00 @ KPark HS

  • Honors Band:

    • Monday March 6th UIL Parent Concert 7:00 WMS Rehearsal 4:30-6:00 Prior

    • Wednesday March 8th UIL Performance Time 1:30PM @ KPark HS


  • Feb 28th - UIL!!!! Formal Uniforms.

    • Camerata - Meet at SCHS by 7:00 AM. Perform at 8:00 AM.

    • Sinfonia - On stage performance at 12:00 PM.

    • Chamber - On stage performance at 4:30 PM.

  • March 2 - UIL Cake Day!

  • March 7 - FYO Solo Contest.

    • Times are coming ASAP! They are 5 minute slots.

  • First payments for trips are due! Please take care of them on or check made out to WMS Orchestra Booster Club.

  • Make up scale tests are Wednesday mornings. Get a 100 in the grade book by passing off the ones you didn’t get! Nine weeks is almost over!


Here is the Spring Choir itinerary for all of the WMS Choirs. Please put these very important dates on your calendar!

Cub Choir

  • Saturday, April 22nd- Solo and Ensemble

  • Saturday. April 29th- Fine Arts Festival

  • Choir Spring Trips (6th, 7th & 8th) - TBD in May

  • Thursday, May 18th- Cub Concert @ 7:00 pm

Bel Canto Chorus, Adagio Chorus, Dolce Chorus & Treble Choir

  • Thursday or Friday, March 2nd/3rd– U.I.L (Exact Times TBA)

  • Thursday, April 13th- Spring Concert @ 7:00 pm

  • Saturday, April 22nd- Solo and Ensemble

  • Choir Spring Trips (6th, 7th & 8th) - TBD in May

  • Tuesday, May 9th- Pop Show @ 7:00 pm


AUDITIONS! WMS Theatre will be performing The SpongeBob Musical for the Spring musical! ALL WOODCREEK STUDENTS are invited to audition for an acting or backstage role! Students interested in auditioning for either should come to the info meeting on Thursday, March 9th, 4 - 4:45 in the amphitheatre. Audition info and packets will be made available at that time.

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Upcoming Theatre Field Trips:
  • March 1, 1 - 5pm: Invite Only Meet & Greet & UIL Performance @ SCHS (Please complete online permission slip.)

  • May, 2023: Theatre 2 Six Flags Trip (Please register online.)

Theatre Classes:
  • 6th Grade/Intro to Theatre: Pantomime! We are learning about the art of silent acting. We are focusing on expressing character, emotion, and storytelling. Students are beginning their summative pantomime projects– storytelling through pantomime to a Disney song!

  • Theatre 1: Mime & Silent Films! Diving deeper into silent story telling, Theatre 1 students have completed their Pantomime Escape Room! Then, we will analyze some silent films and make our own! Following our silent film analysis, students will work on their project for this unit– write a silent film script and record their own short silent film!

  • Tech Theatre: As we wrap up our costume design unit, students are working on their research and design unit. They have selected a a real character from specific shows– then they will research the show, time period, costumes, etc and design and MAKE their own costume (doll sized)! Students, who have not already done so, need to bring a Barbie or Ken-type doll as the model for their costume design.

  • Theatre 2: Students are working in their assigned groups to research theatre in specific time periods. Each group will soon be taking over a class period to teach the other students everything they have learned about theatres, plays & playwrights, food, costumes (and more) in their time period!! Student groups will be presenting their Theatre History projects next week.

Woodcreek Athletics

Girls' Track Results 02.22.23

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Boys' Track Results 02.22.23

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Boys and Girls Track Schedule 2023

3/2/23 Atascocita High School (WMS, AMS, KMS)

3/9/23 Turner Stadium (WMS, SMS, ARMS)

3/21-23/23 District Track Meet @ Turner Stadium

3/6 Soccer tryouts begin

WMS Campus Procedure Reminders

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Food Deliveries from Paid Delivery Services NOT ALLOWED

Woodcreek DOES NOT allow or accept food deliveries from paid delivery services (DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc.). All delivers from services of these types will be denied and WMS is not responsible for any loss of cost or food. However, parents/guardians are welcome on campus, and ARE ALLOWED to drop food off to their student.


If you are planning to pick-up your child early, you must do so BEFORE 3:15 PM. You must have an administrators' approval if you are in need of picking up your child after the 3:15 PM cut-off time.

WMS Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Please be sure that all before and after school student pick-ups and drop-offs occur in the front of the school. The bus ramp area is for buses and transportation service vehicles only.

Woodcreek's Big 3:

Be on Time.

Wear Your ID.

Put Your Phone Away.

Morning Wandering & Tardy Consequences

Below are the consequences that will be assigned for tardies:

  • 1st & 2nd Tardy: Warnings
  • 3rd & 4th Tardy: Parent Phone Call & After-School Detention
  • 5th & 6th Tardy: Parent Conference & Thursday Class Assigned
  • 7th+ Tardy: ISS Assigned and Intervention Planned w/Parents

**All tardies will be cleared at the conclusion of each 9-week grading period**


Reminder that all students must wear a student ID at all times throughout the school day.


Cell phones must not be visible during school hours unless they are being used in the classroom for instructional purposes, as determined by the teacher.

  • 1st Offense: Parent will be contacted & the phone will be returned to the student at the end of the day.
  • 2nd Offense: Parent will be contacted & the phone will ONLY be returned to the parent.
  • 3rd Offense: Parent will be contacted, the phone will ONLY be returned to a parent/guardian, & ISS will be assigned to the student.
  • 4th Offense: Parent will be contacted, cell phone will be checked-in daily & returned to the student at the end of the school day.