Digital Citizenship


What don't you know about hakers or identity thiefs??

They can steel your money!

They might tell you they will give you something once you pay them!!

They can easily figure out your passwords!

Digital Citizen

A digital citizen is when someone can think critically about challenges and obstacles about the "digital world". They make safe and responsible choices.
Be a Digital Citizen

Cyber Bullying

  • Cyber bulling means that they are on a online resource like they internet, social media, and phones.

  • Some of the reasons Cyber Bullies cyber bully are because........................
-They want revenge -They are jealous -They have been cyber bullied and want to do it back.

  • Cyber Bullies use email, texting, and other things like that to bully people.

Cyber Bullying (supermac18)

Searching Effectively

  • Use quotations!
  • Use addition signs to narrow you search!
  • Also use subtraction signs to narrow your search also!
  • Be clear on what you are saying!!


  • Its a trial of little bits and pieces of information on someone's computer and on other computers.
  • Posting Positive comments!
  • Always do good things online!
  • Have a good digital footprint!

Creators Rights

  • Plagiarism-Copying or making slight changes to some or all of someone else's work and saying you created it.
  • Piracy-Stealing copyrighted work by downloading or copying it in order to keep, sell, or give it away.
  • Fair Use-Use a small amount of copyrighted work without permission.
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What Not To Do!

  • Never search anything inappropriate.
  • Only do things that you will be fine with after a week, month, or year.
  • If you wouldn't want your grandma to see it then you shouldn't post it!

Other Info!!

Digital Footprint-A "trail", is made of bits and pieces that is made on one's computer and on other computers and servers around the world.

Cited Info-

Always think twice before you post!!!