217 How We Got To Now

Best of First Quarter By- Elliott katz

My Most Fantastic Accomplishment

My best accomplishment for 4th grade is getting all A's and B's on all my math tests. before every test I would take my time and study for 60 seconds. During that time I would do some problems and even say some related words.

In math now instead of doing 3-3 we can go at our own pace. Right now I am at 3-7. Since we can go at our own pace I could finish area 4 tomorrow. But of course we can't cause it would be too much work for Mr. Crame. LOL just kidding but seriously we can't finish to early.

I think my grades are better than ever. The lowest grade I got was a 80% than 89% also 90% and last 100%.my average is an A in math and is is still an A. I fell really happy because that is the best math grade I have ever gotten

My Greatest Challenge

I think my greatest challenge was to get everything done for Fear-Fest in my short presentation. I was so worried that people would not finish in time. We would have to work day and night just to get it done. Now I know it by heart. Sometimes I even say it in my sleep. When we were doing fear-fest I could only here the beat of my heart.

When I was on stage all the words started pouring right out of my mouth. I even had to do a part that I never even practiced for it and I did it perfectly. When I wake up now sometimes I have a dream about Eisenstein's head. When Mr. Crame reed us a a story that was not scary but every one screamed even Oscar yes you.

My Goal For Next Quarter

My goal for next quarter is to get all A's and B's and to get everything turned in on time. The reason I want to do this is because I am not always getting stuff in on time in past years. I feel that it will be totally possible and I will complete my goal. I also wan't to finis the book in march.
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