Team RAD 15-day challenge

Spring into ACTION!

It's Spring and time for our businesses to bloom (pun intended). This challenge is for everyone on Team RAD (not just my directs). Beginning on 4/15 through 4/29 you will be given a challenge each day. Each time you complete the challenge post to FB, text or email me. I will then put your entry into a jar. The more entries the better your chances. Three winners will be picked on 4/30.


  • 4/15 (day 1) Reach out to three male prospects
  • 4/16 (day 2) Personally reach out to your PC's this month. Customer SERVICE! You want those autoships. Give them some new ideas - sunless tanner? sunblock?
  • 4/17 (day 3) Reach out to three teachers (summer is coming after all!)
  • 4/18 (day 4) Reach out to three pregnant women or new moms
  • 4/19 (day 5) Record your story on Getting Started site and send to your sponsor
  • 4/20 (day 6) Invite 3 people to listen to Sarah Robbin's Sunday prospecting call
  • 4/21 (day 7) Do a 3-way call (mock calls get 1 entry; the real deal gets 2)
  • 4/22 (day 8) Tell a friend you need practice doing the business presentation. Present to them and get their feedback (2 entries for this)
  • 4/23 (day 9) Reach out to 3 new family members (your long lost cousin Larry!)
  • 4/24 (day 10) Give your card/sample to one stranger (be sure to get their contact)
  • 4/25 (day 11) Post to three social media sites (push yourself to try a new method)
  • 4/26 (day 12) Use the Amy Byrd approach and reach out to 5 people via FB message
  • 4/27 (day 13) VISION Board (create one) and if you have complete your 90-day plan
  • 4/28 (day 14) Get dressed and get out! Invite a friend to coffee and talk shop.
  • 4/29 (day 15) Follow up with three prospects (the fortune is in the follow up)

And for the prizes....

  • $75 cash
  • $25 cash
  • A pair of Tory Burch flip flops