Foundation 1 News

Friday 20th September

Making New Friends

This Week

  • Another great week in the Ruby Class. Thank you to everyone for ensuring a smooth start and for being so brave at drop off time. It really does help your child to cope with the transition and to settle with ease.
  • Having our first lunch.
  • Extending our school days so now we are ready for a full day.
  • We have been learning all about the colour yellow. We had lots of fun painting and acting out the song "5 little ducks." Click here to find some songs we will be learning.
  • Exploring our indoor and outdoor learning spaces.
  • Being part of our new colour groups and making new friends.

Next Week

  • Staying for full days as from Monday. Pick up will be at 3pm.
  • We will learn about the colour red.
  • On Friday we will have a special colour day so please send you child wearing something red.
  • Enjoying the story " The Big Red Bath" and making bubble pictures.
  • Learn the song " Driving along on the Big Red Bus."

You can help us by.......

Spare clothes can be left in a seperate bag on your child's peg for the entire term.

Please make sure your child puts their lunch box on the green trolley in the morning.

We will provide cups and fresh water everyday to have within the classroom so individual water bottles for the classroom are not needed, only with lunch boxes.

Library day is Friday so please bring return books on a Friday in the big red box.