andrew jackson:greedy or not?

kyle lam period 8

trail of tears

the Indians were forced out of there old land to a Andrew decided to ignore the supreme courts ruling and used the army to force them out.

the Indians had called the trail they took to the reservation "the trail of tears." the only reason they called it "the trail of tears" is because so many Indians died on that trail.

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kill the national bank

Jackson he had thought the bank was a tool for the rich so he decided to put it out of business. so the boss of the first one gave Jackson the bill to build it back up, making the 2nd national bank. and guess what? he vetoed it again!
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war report(battle new Orleans)

he was a war commander who won the battle of new Orleans (a battle that did not had happen in 1812, since word didn't get to the British and the Americans that the Treaty of Peace and Amity was signed they fought each other till the word got to them.
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political cartoon

the political cartoon i chose is were Jackson is riding a pig where on the stand it says "to the victors belong the spoils." its referring to the spoils system were he rewarded his friends with federal jobs in the cabinet with addition to spoiling his friends and allies rotten.
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A letter from a soldier

the battle of new Orleans was hard because the redcoats came in 3 waves each a brigade of few 100 of them but Andrew Jackson he helped us win that war even though we didn't know the war had ended.

p.s Andrew Jackson rules as a war leader.

a letter from a factory worker

working in a factory is so hard! but due to Jackson's tariff it makes our job more harder because our boss is raking in money while hes in there we work our butts off trying too raise money for our family.even though i kinda feel bad for the person who is working hard for their family and Jackson, even though he is"the common man" the doesn't reward the hard workers.

p.s i think Jackson is a dictator.


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