Techniques to Improve Memory

by Natalie Laurendeau

1. Eating Right

-Fresh vegetables are essential in improving memory along with avoiding foods with sugar and grain carbohydrates

-eat foods like curry, broccoli, cauliflower, and walnuts because they contain antioxidants that protect brain health and can even help with the production of new brain cells

-increase animal based omega 3 fats and reduce your intake of processed vegetable oils

-coconut oil is also proved to increase memory

2. Exercise

-Exercise stimulates nerve cells to multiply which strengthens their interconnections and protects them from damage

-This is because during exercise nerve cells release proteins called neurotrophic factors.

-Some of these factors trigger other chemicals that promote natural health and help benefit cognitive functions such as learning

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3. Getting a Good NIghts Sleep

-It is proven that people are 33% more likely to infer connections among distantly related ideas after sleeping

-Sleep is proven to help enhance your memories and help you improve the performance of challenging skills

-An efficient amount of sleep is important in neuroplasticity

4. Learning a New Skill

-Learning a new skill that interests you stimulates your neurological system , counters the effects of stress related diseases, and reduces the risk of dementia

-In order for this task to help increase your memory, the activity must be meaningful to you or really interest you

-Examples include learning how to play a musical instrument, gardening, crafting, or building things

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