Annex Texas

The state of Texas needs to be Annexed immediately!

The Meeting

We will have a meeting at the Grand Hall on September 14th, 1808, if you want to be annexed in to the United Stated.

What We Will Discuss

We will discuss what we should do to annex us into the U.S.

Why We Should Be Annexed into United States

They would pay off our debt, they would be able to protect us with their Army, we will have a mail system, and we could use their money system.

Why Some Of The United States Didn't Want Us

The Northern part of the United States doesn't want us because we are a slave state and it would tip balance of the power in congress and would make Mexico mad, they also don't want to pay our debt.

Would They Accept Us As A State Or A Territory?

The United States accept us as a State not a Territory.

First Texas Lone Star Flag.

The first Texas flag was the colors red and white.