Nike Lightweight Camo Parka

"Just Wear It"

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With a mixture of comfort, warmth, breathability and style, this stylish and fitted parka is the perfect product for any athlete practicing in cold temperatures. In addition to on and off the track/field/court, this lightweight parka can easily be part of your normal fall outfits.
Original Retail Price: $85
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Target Market

This new park is targeted toward athletes that may have to condition or run in the cold. This jacket is marketed to teenagers as well as the new and current, stylish design will appeal to them and instantly become a classic item in everyone's closets.
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Promotional Activities

Online advertisements, store promotions and cosigns from famous athletes like Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and others will definitely spread the word of this amazing jacket.

Also, for limited time, with a purchase of two jackets, we will throw in 2 free Nike logo shirts.

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The Mass Appeal

Additionally to the stylish appearance of this jacket, athletes will love the airy but warmness provided like this jacket with a snug polyester lining of the jacket.