TELPAS Training

Southmore Intermediate 2/13/2017


For SMI's Writing collection, the following MUST be on each student's writing sample:

Student's Name and ID


Teacher's Name

2017 TELPAS Deadlines

February 13th -TELPAS Writing collection begins

  • Feb. 13th - 8th Math Sample Collection
  • Feb. 13th – 14th 7th Grade English Sample Collection
  • Feb. 14th – 7th Math Sample Collection
  • Feb. 15th – 8th U.S. History Sample Collection
  • Feb. 15th – 16th 7th Texas History Sample Collection
  • Feb. 21st - 24th 8th Writing & Reading Sample Collection

February 20th (PM in Library) - Faculty Monitored Calibration day

February 27th - TELPAS Writing Sample Check In

March 2nd - TELPAS Reading Administrators Training

March 7th - TELPAS Rating by dept. in library (Library is closed)

March 9th - TELPAS Rating by dept. in library (Library is closed)

March 21st – TELPAS 8th Reading Administration

March 23rd – TELPAS 7th Reading Administration

March 27th - TELPAS Reading Makeups

March 24th – Deadline for TELPAS Ratings (absent students)

Registration Information

Keyword is training2017

(Write down your username and password!)

1. Select SIGN UP

2. Enter the keyword to create your own profile.

3. Enter all the required information to set up the account.

(*Please be sure you have submitted your TELPAS Rater Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality prior to creating your account.)

4. Be sure to select the Rater Agreement for TELPAS Online Courses and Calibration .

5. Once you select AGREE, select submit.

6. Your account is created!!

**If you are a new rater, you must choose GRADES 6 - 8 and begin the TELPAS Online Basic Training Course for Grades 2-12.

(Ms. Bavda & Ms. Barboza)