The Reformation

Transformation of the Catholic Church

What was the change? The Picture above shows the important people who were in the Reformation

Before the Reformation, The church offered security and protection to its people. No one criticized the Church. The Church started selling indulgences, in which church officials were telling people that they could be forgiven from their sins by paying money to them instead of praying for them. Another thing was that bibles were being printed with the improved printing press.The bibles were being written in the vernacular languages and now people were being able to interpret the bible themselves. People started noticing that the way the church interpreted the faith was different than the bible. Many started questioning the church about the interpretation and the selling of indulgences. They also started getting excommunicated from the church. The Roman Catholic church were being criticized by the people and were rejecting the authority of the Pope. Because of that situation the formation of many protestant churches were made.

Who were the People associated with the Change?

King Henry VIII The picture above shows a portrait of Kinh Henry VIII.

King Henry VII was a very strong Catholic, as his wife. The Pope and the King had a very good relationship with each other. When the King found out about the protests of Martin Luther, he attacked them and the Pope gave him the title Defender of the Faith. The King's wife Queen Catherine of Spain had a daughter, but the king wants a son. Queen Catherine is too old to have children and the king wants to get divorced. The king had to get permission to get divorced by the Pope, but the pope says no. Asking the Pope for a divorce was dangerous and you could get excommunicated and loose your salvation. The king was angered and desperate to have a son so he asked parliament to make a law that made the king the head of the church. This ends up making England break apart from the Roman Catholic Church. Some spoke against the king and told him it was illegal. Anyone who spoke against the king was to be executed. The king would make executions public so he could show fear to his people and make them think; to not speak out against the king.

How did the change impact society at the time?

The Reformation impacted society at the time because it was opening new ideas to many people a the time. Many doctrines were spreading through Germany and the rest of the world. Many people started accepting these new beliefs, but they were still strong Christians. The main reason many were criticizing the church was because they rejected indulgences and the authority of the Pope. The Pope started noticing the changes through out the church and started excommunicating people and persecuting non-Catholics. Also rulers were opening to these new teachings. It gave them freedom from the church, and not to respond to them. The Reformation gave many people the freedom of thinking and ideas. It broke them from the authority of the church.The church before had the authority of everything.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The Reformation impacted our society in present day. It led to new types of Protestantism: Lutheranism,Calvinism, and Anglicanism. It eventually split into other types of Calvinism, and Anglicanism. For example, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, etc. There was a diversity of religion that spread through out the world. It also gave people the freedom of religion. Here in the United States everyone has the freedom of religion. Many teachings have also changed through time; indulgences are no longer sold in churches.It also destroyed the unity of Europe; Europe was united by the Christian society. It changed on how much power the church had on everything. Before the Church was involved with the government, but now there is a separation between the church and the government. One example the United States, they are separate things. The reformation caused a change with our society politically, socially, and economically.