Lincoln Bulletin

August 25, 2020

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2020-21 Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, 8/26/20

ALL STUDENTS (K-5) - full day of school, 8:00am-1:40pm

Thursday, 8/27/20, from 2:00-2:30 p.m.

Sack lunch pick-ups for remote students only (2 days worth)

Friday, 9/4/20 - Institute Day - No School

Monday, 9/7/20 - Labor Day - No School

Virtual Curriculum Night has been shifted to either Tuesday, September 8, or Thursday, September 10. Links and details will be shared with you before these dates.

Lincoln Bulletin-Reminder--

Welcome- Our third through fifth-grade students will begin in-person learning tomorrow.

Please continue to self certify every day, we are really starting the year off on the right foot--also remember we open our doors at 7:50 please have your son or daughter here, students should be in their seats ready to learn at 8:00, make sure they are arriving on time.

Please use this link and add to a calendar reminder daily-Please use this Self Certification web site and login using your HAC Parent username and password.

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Arrival and Dismissal

Above is the map for students entering and exiting the building. If they are car riders and you are using the car line to pick up on the Northside of the building along with Illinois, your son or daughter will be walked to that door by their teacher. These car riders are the last to be dismissed in our staggered dismissal.

Let's all keep one another safe--Masks, on school grounds

Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job ensuring that we all remain safe and healthy and can remain in school, in person. When you walk onto the school grounds, please make sure you are wearing your mask and observing social distancing. We have blue Paws along our front sidewalks, and around all entrances to help support our students and families in social distancing. THANK YOU!!