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October 1, 2021

Questions About Covid Guidelines?

You're not alone! It is difficult to find a clear answer about specific COVID regulations. I created this document to help clear up some of the confusion. The bottom line is that if you aren't sure what to do, please call the school and we'll help you figure it out.
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We are asking for your help to make sure that your child has a clean mask to wear to school every day. We do currently have extra masks for students who may forget, but it is not intended to be a replacement for students bringing their own. Also, many students end up breaking their masks throughout the day. If possible, please keep a spare in their backpack.



Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 5 & 6. These meetings help you understand what your child is learning at school, their progress both academically and social-emotionally, and what you can do to support them. If your child is having particular difficulties, parent-teacher conferences also give you and the teacher time to plan how you can both help them best.

Teachers have worked hard to schedule a day and time that matches your preference. If your scheduled conference time absolutely doesn't work for you, please work with the classroom teacher to reschedule. It is very important that we are able to conference with every family.


Parent Volunteers

We are so grateful to be back in school full-time, however like most industries right now, we are struggling with staffing. When staff are feeling ill, it can be challenging to have enough coverage at school to keep everyone supervised. We would like to have a list of parents who can possibly come and volunteer at Stott when we are short-staffed. We will occasionally need help during lunch and recess time from 11-1. If you think you might be available to help, please fill out this survey. We'll reach out if we ever need some help.


Halloween Parties

As a school, Stott strives to be respectful of families with a variety of cultural traditions and beliefs. As such, we have discussed a variety of concerns, beliefs, ideas, and values around Halloween. These conversations were held with school leadership, the school decision-making team, and our PTSA. This year, we will celebrate Halloween at Stott with a parade and small class party on Friday, Oct. 29. Students should come to school already dressed in costume. Below are details/expectations:

  • Halloween will only be discussed, celebrated, etc during the party (not leading up to or after the party)
  • We will have a parade and a simple party (healthy snack, treat, craft)
  • The parade will start at 8:45 (outdoors if weather permits or through the hallways and gym if either is poor).
  • Parties will be held in classrooms immediately after the parade and will conclude by 10:00 am
  • We ask that immediate family only attend the parade. Families members can stay for the party but if it gets too crowded teachers may need to ask families to leave. Stott is not a very large building and crowds are less than ideal with COVID concerns.
  • Families should not come in costume if it covers the face for safety reasons.

Student Costume Expectations:

  • Students should come to school in costume, as there will not be time to change before the parade/parties. All students must change out of their costumes after the party is over.
  • Costumes should limit the amount of blood and gore.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed as part of the costume
  • Make-up and colored hair should also be kept to a minimum. Any make-up must be washed off after the party.
  • Costumes must be appropriate for school. Inappropriate or demeaning costumes will not be allowed.

For our families that do not celebrate Halloween, we ask that you come to school at 10:00 when parties have concluded. The rest of the day will be a regular school day, with lots of learning happening.


Recognize Your Child's Birthday on our new Electronic Sign

As a fundraiser for PTSA, parents can pay $10 to have their child's birthday recognized on our new electronic marquee. Students' birthdays will be displayed on the day of their birthday from 6 am-6 pm. If the birthday falls on a day when we don't have school, it will be displayed on the last school day before their birthday. For example, if the birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, their birthday message will be on the Friday before their birthday. Summer birthdays will be recognized in the last week of school.

We are starting this for the first time in November. If your child has a birthday coming up in November that you would like to have displayed on the marquee, please fill out this form and send $10 to school in an envelope with your child's name and what it's for on the outside of the envelope.


At-Home Symptom Screening Tool

We have unfortunately had many students coming to school who aren't feeling well. Please use this guide to determine if your child is well enough to come to school.
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Please Consider Joining the Stott PTSA

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Upcoming Important Dates

October 5 & 6 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 7 & 8 - Fall Break (No School)

October 12 - Accountability/PTSA Meeting

October 29 - Halloween Parties


Updated School Calendar

Please bookmark the calendar below. It will be updated throughout the year.