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In the Husky Garden

Garden Club

In garden club we are using inquiry based learning to understand the differences in planting techniques.

Interested in eating healthy tonight? Needing a brain break and fresh air?

We welcome you to visit the the Mudslinger Compass Rose Garden!

You can harvest fresh lettuce today!

1. Watch the harvesting videos with your students:

a. How to Harvest Lettuce

b. Harvesting Lettuce using the "cut and come" technique

2. Visit the Mudslinger's Garden and start with introducing the compass rose to your students. If they are already familiar with it, can they point it out from this angle? Can your students name the missing directions? See below for more information on our compass rose.

3.With scissors, harvest from one of the flagged lettuce plants.

4. Back in class follow up with a closing activity such as having a taste test or recording observations. Don't forget to wash the lettuce first. You can also just take it home for a dinner salad tonight!

The Mudslinger's Compass Rose

Did you know we have a compass rose in the Husky Garden?

  • It is located in the courtyard of our garden.
  • It has north and south markers and the east and west markers are in the works, being made by the Mudslingers.
  • Most of the year, the Mudslinger's Compass Rose Garden is a perennial bed. The flowering plants come back year after year. (Little tip to remember: PERennial gardens are very PERsistant!)

Thank you Bonnie Plants!

Earlier this year, Bonnie Plants accidentally made a stop to deliver cabbages to 3rd grade. Due to the fabulous impression our garden made on them they gave us an offer we couldn't refuse. "Why, yes we would love some cold sets for winter!" was our obvious reply. Third grade received cabbages, the Husky Garden received loads of winter plants and Husky Gardeners went home with something for their home planting adventures.

Thanks again Bonnie Plants!

Thank you all, From Francine

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