Hackberry Howl

Vol. 1 No.22

Are you ready for 21st Century Learning?

Several members of Hackberry was lucky enough to attend a Digital Campus site visit in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD last Tuesday. While at Cross Timbers, a Digital Demonstration campus, we toured classrooms and talked to students. Two things struck me from the visit:

-It was amazing to talk with students and see how excited they are about their learning. The students told how much easier it was to stay engaged and how technology allows them to take ownership for their learning.

-While I was in classrooms, I was struck by the fact that our classrooms had FAR more ability to implement technology with our one to one than this demonstration campus.

Hackberry will be a Digital Campus with a goal of 100% implementation Kinder-5th over the next 3 years. What does that look like?

· Class set of I-Pads

· Interactive Projector

· MacBook for each teacher

· Google certification for each digital teacher

· Continuous Classroom Technology Training


What is dyslexia? - Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Recommended Reading

Demonstrating how technology can improve school performance-Alan November

Demonstrating how technology can improve school performance, this second edition of the bestseller shows how computer and Internet technologies enhance students’ critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills; level the learning field for disadvantaged students; and open doors for children who are disabled. Offering more than 50 Web sites, plus new resources, practical lesson ideas, sample activities, more information about online learning, and real-world examples, this timely revision examines:

  • Information literacy
  • Learning in a globally connected community
  • Increased access to information
  • Applications for digital cameras, fax machines, cell phones, and more


Name? Paul Beaty

Birthday? 10/31/1989


Born: Poughkeepsie, NY

Consider McKinney, TX my Hometown

Current Hackberry position?

5th Grade Dual Language English

Where did you attend College and what is your degree(s)?

Collin County Community College

University of North Texas- Interdisciplinary Studies EC-6th Bilingual

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My favorite teacher was Mr. Z. He was my 4th grade teacher and the first time I had a male as a teacher. I thought it was strange seeing a male in the profession but I felt more comfortable around him and I feel like this was when I really began to open up in school.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I would love to coach or be a trainer

Do you have children?


Do you have pets?

2 Dogs

Osa- Shepard Husky mix

Apollo- Husky

Favorite Color?

Blue or Purple

Do you have a favorite Quote or Saying?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

–Harry Ford

Where is the farthest place you have ever traveled?

The furthest away I have traveled is to Quito, Ecuador

Favorite food?

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Hobbies or Activities/organizations you are active in?

Triathlon is my hobby; I currently train with KMF Performance out in Denton. I truly enjoy the feeling of just zoning out and not having to worry or think about anything other than my workout. When I finish I am completely exhausted and all the stress from the day has washed away.

Accomplishments or Honors you have achieved that you are proud of?

I received National Honors as a transfer student at UNT as well as graduating Cum Laude.

In Triathlon I achieved being a Bronze All Word Athlete meaning I finished in the top 10% of competitors in my age group.


Jigsaw The Jigsaw method is a cooperative learning technique in which students work in small groups. Jigsaw can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of goals, but it is primarily used for the acquisition and presentation of new material, review, or informed debate. In this method, each group member is assigned to become an "expert" on some aspect of a unit of study. After reading about their area of expertise, the experts from different groups meet to discuss their topic, and then return to their groups and take turns teaching their topics to their groupmates.

Lobo Howls

Domenica sends a howl out to all of our TELPAS raters- you're all amazing!!! I appreciate everyone keeping a positive attitude despite all of the changes this year!! As Mrs. Webber would say, "You da bomb!!"

Ms. Jackson howls to the kinder teams for getting all the GT paperwork completed and to me to make kinder testing run so smoothly! Another howl for their flexibility when I pulled kids to test!

Ms. Solinski howls to my student teacher Beulah Mathews for jumping in and doing an excellent job.

Webber gives a huge howl out to Mrs. Phan for her amazing positive attitude all the time, especially during the TELPAS season--

Stephen gives a BIG singing howl to Manny for managing the Lobo store every Friday morning!

Ms. Morales gives a huge howl to Mrs. Phan & Ms. Holguin! They're awesome help during my reading block! Ms. Jones gives a super gigantic HOWL to Karla for helping me with my video!!

Ms. Parra howls to Mr. Richardson for rocking it in the fry station and Ms. Martin for keeping the drive thru fun!

Manny howls out to 4th grade dual language for the broadcast of weekly happenings, awesome job and thank Howls to K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students and teachers for receiving my class and do a Science project - M. Castillo

Manny sends a BIG howl to Mrs. Moilan for all her work for the 4th Grade field trip to Austin!

Tom Howls out to Mrs. Snook for her help on the playground this week.

Tom Howls out to Kelsey Warren and Sylvia Cruz for taking two classes on Thursday. Thank you

Tom Howls out to the kinder team for splitting a class this week and not missing a beat! Great job!!!!

Tom Howls out to volunteers for working the McTeacher night this week. See me for a jeans pass on Monday.


Helping one of our own!

As many you may have heard Mindy Fulmer a teacher at Brent Elementary lost her husband. Many Schools in the district are allowing teachers to wear jeans on Wednesdays for $5.00 to help Mindy with hospital bills. If you would like to wear jeans on Wednesdays and help one of our own then turn in money to Karla every Wednesday.

Mark your Calendar

Monday, February 22nd

-Dr. Seuss Door Decoration Contest

Tuesday,February 23rd


Wednesday, February 24th

-Shelter in Place Drill

Thursday,February 25th

Richardson out in the morning for AP training

Friday, February 26th

Pack Rally

DISTRICT UPDATED:Upcoming Benchmark Date

March 1st-Math 3rd Grade-4th Grade

March 2nd-Reading 3rd Grade-4th Grade

March 3rd-Science 5th Grade

I will be sending an information email next week with all the specifics of our benchmark testing.

Lunch Coverage This Week





Friday-4th and 5th

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