Jonah Lehrer is a PLAGIARIST!

Maya Best, Nathan Reader, and Max Barsamian

Max's Ideas

  • Jonah Lehrer Is a Plagiarist
  • Plagiarised Bob Dylan
  • The investigation on Jonah's plagiarism started when he copied wording from his older work into the New Yorker arcticles
  • "The example from 'How We Decide' he cites is a quote from a pilot whom Mr. Lehrer said he had interviewed but who made an almost identical statement 20 years earlier in a lecture to NASA" (Kaufman).
  • This quote proves how Lehrer is guilty of plagiarism because Kaufman states that he made an almost IDENTICAL statement 20 years prior during a lecture.
  • The authors who were victimized by Lehrer's plagiarism siad they didn't even talk to him before.

Maya's Ideas

  • Though John Lehrer did not take phrases from other published works that weren't his own, he did plagarize
  • He made up quotations and credited them to Bob Dylan, He also took his wods out of context to change their meaning.
  • He hid this from the public therefore deceiving them

Nathan's Ideas

  • Jonah Lehrer is a plagairist
  • He made up Bob Dylan quotes to use in his book Imagine: How creativity works
  • Was caught by anothere journalist
  • Bob Dylan addde that he had never said any of the quotes

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