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The Atakapa are people from the Southeastern Woodlands, but lived in the Gulf of Mexico.

The type of food they ate and how it was obtained

Alligator was important to them, they used all of its parts. It provided them meat, oil and hides. The oil was used as insect repellent. The society was in bands within an area to gather, hunt, and fish.

weapons and tools

The hunters used bow and arrows, fisherman used nets, traps, or hooks made from bones. The warriors used bows.

Organization of Leadership

They were organized into family bands.

Where are they located or what did they become?

They are a Southwest Louisiana/Southeast Texas tribe who lived in the Gulf of Mexico.

Unique facts or Characteristics

Atakapa means "man-eaters" in the Choctaw language. This gives them a reputation and rumors that they eat humans. A father would rename himself after the first birth of his son, or if his son became famous.

What they lived in.

They used branches, weeds, and leaves to make a brush hut. During winter they would cover the huts with animal skins full of fur.

Special traditions or religion.

The practice of cannibalism kind of had a religious basis.
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