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A Short Month Packs a Punch!

February was a shorter month and we had an incredible month! Sponsoring was through the roof and as we know that's an indication of more growth to come! Now is the time to dig in, keep your blinders on, and keep moving forward....because it's creating a HUGE launch pad for GTC! Again, my call to action for March is for ALL of us is to sponsor at least 3 more people (PCs or Cons) that we did in February - so if you sponsored 5, set a goal to sponsor 8...and if you sponsored 0, set a goal to sponsor 3! Believe me, people are looking for what we have, both in terms of this life-changing business AND our products!
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It's All about "The Dailies"

What small, seemingly insignificant things are you doing to actively move your business forward? Because it's the small activity that will build and lead to big results! Create the takes 28 days to build a habit, good or bad! So starting today, you can create habits that will build success - not just in your activity, but also your personal growth and development!

This is what I SEE for 2016...Which one is yours?!

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Congratulations on your qualification, promotion and bonus!!

February Recognition--Effective March 1st

*NEW* Regional Vice President!

Calley Crews

Regional Vice President Qualification

Manda Clarke

OVER 1/2 Way to Region!! *You're NEXT!*

Molly Thibert

Priscilla Ellis

*NEW* Area Managers!

Kate Boos

Brandee Hommerding

New District Managers (8% pay raise!)

Ann Truesdell

Megan Ohlendorf

Emily Watson

Andi Burgess-Ballhagen

DMs in Qualification

Emiley Adriaens

Cassandra Barth

Amber Bingner

Jamie Bogaard

Gillian Bruni

Sally Bryner

Mary Kay Budmayr

Marty Burckhard

Shelena Butler

Stephanie Buzzell

Susan Cornelius

Terra Crews

Erin Daubert

Becky Duffy

Victoria Enger

Carlie Foster

Jessica Funk

Brandy Grigg

Ann Holman

Jamie Jespersen

Sarah Le Roux

Mindi McKisic

Maria Mecham

Rebecca Pettit

Susan Phelps

Lacy Richter

Kristen Rohrer

Valerie Shah

Tammy Sperry

Amber Stark

Laura Stokely

Tammy Suit

Briana Ventimiglia

Lauren Walsleben

DM Bonus Earners

Manda Clarke

Hope Cooper

Calley Crews

Meggan Gangwish

Brandee Hommerding

Meghan Williams

Molly McConkey Vergil

Stephanie Knapp

Priscilla Ellis

Dani Erdahl

Molly Thibert

Amber Stark

AM Bonus (extra $400)

Calley Crews

Manda Clarke

Molly Thibert

Meggan Gangwish

Region Bonus (extra $600)

Stephanie Knapp

Meggan Gangwish

These Rockstars promoted to the next level in their business!