Minor Middle Newsletter

August 2022

What's happening?

Aug 22-25 - iReady Testing

Aug 30 - Title I Annual Meeting/Open House

Sept 5 - Labor Students (schools closed)

Sept 6 - E Learning Day (no students)

Sept 9 - Progress Reports go home

Title I Annual Meeting and Open House

Our Title I Annual Meeting and Open House will be combined this year and will be held Tuesday, August 30th at 5:30. We will discuss Title I updates, ACAP information, iReady information and will have "how to" sessions. Parents will also be able to sign up for PTA. Students will receive a special coupon if parents are in attendance.

iReady Testing

We will begin iReady Testing August 22nd and will be testing in our Math and English Language Arts classes. Please make sure students have their fully charged chromebooks and chargers at school so they will be able to test. This is an important test because it identifies your child's specific strengths and weakneses in reading and math. It is adaptive to the student which means that the questions are different from test to test because the questions change based on how a student answers the previoius question. Students are not expected to get all of the questions correct. The test is not just measuring what they know; it is trying to figure out what they do not know so we can help them in the areas they need it most. We will be discussing more about iReady at Open House.

Homecoming T-shirts are on sale now!

Homecoming will be September 15th. T-shirts are on sale now until September 1st. The prices are below.

S - XL: $12.00

2XL - 5XL: $15.00

Money will be collected in the office. Students are allowed to bring payments to school. If writing a check, make sure the phone number, address and driver's license is on the check. Deadline for payment is 30th. Homecoming is September 15th.


We will be issuing lockers beginning next week. Students will only recieve a locker once their fees are paid. The Tiger Pride Package ($20) includes the locker, postage and copier fees combined. Students will be required to store their backpacks and bags in their locker and will not be allowed to carry their bags around during the school day. Students can pay fees in the office. Again, lockers are not optional.

Join our PTA

We would love to have you join the PTA this year! Joining PTA does not mean you have to be at the school all the time, but it does support our school and our staff as we work hard to stand in the gap and all work together for our students. The membership fee is $10 and can be paid at the school. Thank you for your participation.

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