Obelisk Articles

420th edition

Hyksos Liberation Anniversary

500 years ago, today, we were liberated from the Hyksos and the Nubians. The war with them was a very brutal one, and we could've easily lost it. Over the course of the war, we lost all of our land except for our capital, Thebes. Our great pharaoh, Seqenenre Tao and his son, Kamos, were also lost in the war. Without the great courage of Ahmose, we may not be here today.
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Tutankhaten is Born!

Akhenaten and Nefertiti have had a son! They have named the boy Tutankhaten. The royal servants already say that he is expected to be a great king. At a young age, Tut is very fond of chariots, and will most likely own one when he becomes older. His thoughts on his father's religious beliefs are still unclear.
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Akhenaten's Changes

Akhenaten has decided to change our ways of life! We will now be monotheistic, and, our only god will be Aten. All temples dedicated to other gods will soon be destroyed. Thebes will also no longer be the capital, our new and currently being built capital will Akhetaten.
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Trouble Breaks Out in Akhetaten

Only four days after our new capital, Akhetaten was built, crime has been on the rise. There have been reports of 2 different riots in Thebes from polytheistic radical groups. Akhetaten has also seen a great amount of crime. Two statues of Akhenaten have been defaced and nearly torn down. We are waiting to see how Akhenaten will respond.
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Drought Warning

Watch out everyone, the Nile River is expected to be 3 feet lower than usual. Farmers, we recommend that you try to find another way to irrigate your crops effectively, or else you might be out of luck! Good luck to everyone, and hopefully we can survive this tough time.
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People Rejoice

Recently, as the Hyksos retreat past the Nile Delta, thousands reclaim their homeland. Farming is expected to return to normal levels but it will be a rough start to a new era with the expected flood levels.
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Chariot Racing

Come to the Chariot Races! 5 moons from now, in Thebes central square Akhenaten will be holding a 500 man chariot race, spaces are limited, so sign up now! The prize will be a small fortune (as we have been told) and meeting a royal family member. So what are you waiting for? Sign ups start in 1 moon in Akhetaten.
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Manual Labor Needed!

Daquane Rone is searching for a helper on his farm. Pay will be 1 bushel of wheat per 7 moons. A note from the writer- Daquane seems to be giving a great offer here, 1 bushel of wheat per week could almost be considered blasphemy for a farm worker! Take this job, folks!
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Jokes of the Day

Have you heard about the mix up with the prince? He woke up and found out that his daddy was a mummy!

Why do mummies not tell secrets? They keep everything under wraps.

What did King Tut become on his 12th birthday? A year older.

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Breaking News!

Akenhaten seems to be in quite a bit of bad luck right now. Sadly, one of his minor wives has died. Nefertiti has also contracted some sort of sickness which has symptoms including sneezing and fever. As we, here at the Obelisk Articles, are very supportive of Nerfertiti, we hope for the best. We will keep you on full alert.
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