Benefits of Musical Training

By Beatrice Chung, 1/6/15, Period 3

What Are Some Life-long Benefits That Children Can Get From Musical Training?

My driving question is What are some life-long benefits that children can receive from musical training? I have been trained in four different instruments for that last six years, and if I hadn't had that training, I wouldn't have the life-long benefits that I have now. The reason that I chose this topic is because I love music. While music can be annoying while you practice, it can be fun while you are preforming; and give you life-long benefits. Before I researched this topic, I knew that children with musical training had a lot more perseverance that other children, due to the fact that they have to practice the same piece over and over again to get it right.


Musical training helps develop and speed up brain areas such as language and reasoning, which can take many years. It also helps children think creatively to solve problems in multiple ways. The children are more successful on tests such as SAT's and they achieve higher grades in school. They have better memory and mental skills, such as vocabulary, reading, and time management skills. They also have better organized thoughts and better speaking abilities.


Having little children have an education in music really boosts up their motor skills."It gives children the drive to reach their full potential because they have more organized thoughts, better speaking ability, better behavior, and boosts their standardized test scores." Musical training also gives you more emotional control, memory improvement, better focus skills, better control of depression, aggression, and attention skills, food anxiety control, and good planning for the future. Learning music has definitely helped me over the years. If I hadn't had musical training, I have no idea where I'd be right now.
This chart shows the difference between a child with musical training's intellectualism and a child without musical training's intellectualism. The child with musical training is red, and the child without musical training is black. As you can see, the child who has had musical training does much better.
Music lessons benefit the brain


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