Ancient Rome civilization


Government of Ancient Rome

The Romans influenced America in how they run their government today. In Ancient Rome they had 3 branches of government the consuls, senate, and the assemblies. Today in the United States we also have three branches of government and they are the legislative, senate, and executive.

The Romans achievements

The early Romans created over 50,000 miles of road. They used it for transportation for example: they created roads so the military can get in and out of the country. Another reason they built roads was for trading purposes. They used that as a route to get to another civilization. in the roads that they created they have layers so the roads stays intact. They also have entry ways for water to get in so the water goes off to the side of the road. Another achievement Is they created concrete. We still use concrete today. They created concrete so things would stay together and so it would last longer.

Technology in Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome they had they had one of the most advanced technology in its time period. People have discovered that they were the first people to create fire. They used fire so they could create concrete. But in order to do that they had to warm a limestone so they could create the concrete. Some of the buildings that were built by the concrete they used still stand today.
These are some of the reasons why some of things that are made today are here, because of the achievements of the Romans.