Digital Learning News Brief

September 16, 2014

Digital Learning Platform Spotlight

The Digital Learning Platform is comprised of six components:

  1. Learning Expectations
  2. Best Practices – Strategies
  3. Best Practice – Structures
  4. Authentic Tasks and Products
  5. Feedback and Assessment
  6. Professional Learning

Together these components create a high quality, blended learning environment that engages students and promotes student learning and success. While it is important that all of these components are viewed as a whole and together achieve maximum impact and results, for the purpose of understanding we will view them individually over the next several weeks.

Learning Expectations are the skills and fluencies that students must master to be successful now and in the future (i.e. TEKS and Process Skills in all content areas; critical thinking; problem solving; creativity; communication; collaboration; and digital citizenship).

In the classroom, Learning Expectations are evidenced when students achieve mastery of content at work stations using iPads, Chromebooks, computers, and other technologies. When students collaborate with peers or experts using Edmodo, Google Drive or other solutions that make it possible to work together without being face to face, they are utilizing skills that foster mastery and success now and in the future.

Click the video link in the box below to view a short clip of examples of Learning Expectations.

Digital Learning

any practice in which technologies are utilized to EMPOWER and ACCELERATE individuals to learn, instruct, collaborate, communicate, solve problems, create, design, analyze, or publish in ways not previously possible. (click red bar to view video)

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