What is the Renaissance?

*period of time in Europe that focused on the revival of art and learning


*began in Italy

*focused on classical cultures of Greece and Rome

Why Italy?

*thriving cities

*wealthy merchant class

*classical heritage of Greece and Rome

*Ruled by the Medici Family (Florence)

-expanded learning, art, and architecture

How did the plague contribute to the start of the Renaissance?


*intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements

*studied classical texts

*movement to secular society

*increased understanding of the world

*popularized study of classical subjects (humanities)

What is one key word to help you remember humanism?

Renaissance Man

-create art

-know classics

-witty and charming



-play music

-write poetry



Northern Renaissance


*began in Flanders (present day France and the Netherlands)

*especially focused on realism

*spread as a result of Italian writers and artists fleeing from war & students from Italy travelling back home

*used humanist ideas to examine and reform society (Christian humanism)

-critical of the failure of the Christian Church to inspire people to live a Christian life

How did the ideas from the Italian Renaissance spread northward?

Printing Press


*Johann Gutenberg

*Gutenberg Bible was the 1st full-sized book printed

What is the significance of the printing press being invented at this time?