News Investigations


This article is about the little water (21.74%) that occupies the 203 dams in Gujarat. The is a committee that meets and discusses the shortage of water and how they are going to conserve it and only use it when it is highly needed. They also have come up with a plan to keep people from taking water from the dams without prior authorization. Scarcity fits with this article, the definition is a shortage on something that is needed. This article is connected to scarcity because Gujarat is having a major water shortage and it is constantly being monitored.


This article is about learning how to come up with a budget plan. It walks you through step by step on how to create the perfect budget. It also gives you helpful strategies to make a budget and keep yourself on track. The definition of budget is a plan for how your are going to spend money and save money. This article connects to budget because that is what it is all about. It links to the budget project we did in class, which helped to get an idea of how to plan a budget.


This article is about how monopolies are bad for the economy and GDP. If one company has high prices because it is the only place selling that thing then some people may not be able to afford it. This means less being counted toward GDP because of less active shoppers. The definition of monopoly is when one company or business is in control of a single commodity or trade. This article links to monopolies because it talks about how badly monopolies are and how they have affected things in the past to the future.

"Supply & Demand"

This article is about the drop in oil prices. It talks about how the drop affects the supply and the demand side. For the supply side production has gone down because a barrel of oil is selling at $45 to $47. As for the demand side things are booming in the US because the prices for gas have gone down about .40 since last year. The definition for supply and demand is the amount of a product available and the desire for people to buy it. This article is linked to supply and demand because it shows and talks about the results of oil prices dropping.

"GDP- (Gross Domestic Product)"

This article talks about how low and slow manufacturing was for the month of April. It talks about how poorly GDP has risen in the first quarter of this year, only by 0.5%. The definition of GDP is the measure of a nation's total economic activity. It links to this article because without activity in the economy then GDP goes down. Also, since if manufacturing is going down then there is less product and less people can purchase things, which ultimately brings GDP down.