Ms. Angle's Kindergarten Newsletter

Success=Parents+Teachers Helping Kids Learn Feb. 1-5

100 DAYS SMARTER!!! Thanks for all who helped make our 100th Day fantastic! Jefferson City's CUTEST class of LOVE BUGS!!! #ptproud

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Shared Reading

We will be working on Fiction and Non-Fiction and knowing the difference between the two. So far we are reading lots of Non-Fiction in order to learn lots about penguins. We will also read some fun stories that are made up (Fiction) about penguin characters. We have been reading Martin Luther King Jr. books and will also be reading about the Groundhog!

SIGHT WORDS -- words we have learned so far:

I, a, can, see, like, am, to, go, the, he, she, we, me, is, it, be, you, look, this, is, my, said, will, of, was, SAID, OF will be reviewed again! (new words in Large print)


In Writing Workshop we will be starting Unit 3, writing "How To" books. Our goal is to write a book on how to teach someone "how to" do something.


We will be counting a lot this week and next week. We will also master a game that you will learn at our STUDENT-LED Conferences coming up in February!

Just for Parents and Grandparents:

It is time to start thinking about our LAST party of the year, the Valentine's Day party. Would you like to help? If so what would you like to do? We need games, crafts, paper products, decorations, helpers, goodie bags and items to go into the bags and of course candy and treats. What would you like to do? E-mail me and let me know. I will be sending out a formal e-mail next week! Thanks for always making sure our parties are EPIC!


Important Dates:

Feb 1: PTO 6 pm

Feb 4 and 8: Student Led Conferences

Feb 5: Walking trip to Castleparke at 8:30 am. Let Ms. A. know if you would like to walk over with us.

Feb 11: Valentine's Day Party 2-3 pm I need helpers and supplies! Thank you ALL!

Feb 12 and 15: No School