Be P.R.O.U.D.

Be PROUD to stand against bullying.

The Plan

The basis of "Be PROUD" is for students to please report other's unfair decisions -- the decision to bully other students. They will be able to report these incidents to a board of students, who will report to teachers and other administration selected by the parents, student body, and administration.

The Goals

The main goal of Be PROUD is to stop bullying in high schools, especially bullying targeted at teens who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Studies have found that the depression and suicide rate among these teens is up to 5 x that of other teens (in some areas). Be PROUD aims to stop such high figures.

The Reasons Why

1 - The school successfully following this program gets out of their last class for a school-wide celebration (similar to a pep rally).

2 - The class successfully following this program gets a pizza party.

3 - The student successfully following this program gets candy and a ticket worth three bonus points.

4 - The student who does not follow the program has to explain to the teacher why they are not following the program and write an essay about it (minimum of 1,000 words).

5 - On repeat offenses, the student will be put in in school suspension. REMEMBER: You CANNOT make up assignments you missed if you missed them because you were in in school suspension!

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