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May 3rd, 2020

This week's message from Mrs. Brewer

May 3rd newsletter video

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Officer Applications begin tomorow

Applications for 2020-2021 Officers will launch tomorrow. Students interested need to fill out a form and upload a video. The videos will be sent out for student vote later in May. Descriptions of the positions are in google classroom. Contact me if you have any questions.

Varsity Auditions underway

Last Monday, the Varsity audition packet was launched. It included:

  • A questionnaire
  • Audition material: rehearsal and audition pdfs, audio files and videos
  • Sightreadngfactory instructions.

Everything is due this Friday. All students that are interested in varsity must audition, even if you are currently enrolled. Please contact me if you have any technology issues or questions.

Attention all Seniors

We still want to honor you and all you have done for us. WE WANT THREE PICTURES OF YOU: 1. baby or child 2. Middle school and 3. recent. Click here to upload to the google drive, or email them to me at . We need them by May 13th.

Checklist for this week

  • Turn in your varsity audition. Don't wait until the last minute

  • Catch up on your missing assignments. Go by what is in Edpuzzle and Sightreadingfactory. Not just google classroom

  • Read the comments in google classroom for your rough draft. The grading scale for your final performance will be the checklist of comments I left on the rough draft.

  • Record your video: Do it well, thoughtfully and with pride. Show me you are a performer.

  • Read the officer information. There are several of you that would be awesome leaders. Read through the info. Watch the video and consider it.

  • OFFICERS: Look for a meeting invitation.

  • will be ok.

Google Classroom Assignments for this week

This week, I want you to focus on Varsity auditions and officer elections.

Solo Upoad Final Product

  • I want you to take the comments I left in the rough draft and video yourself performing your solo, memorized looking at the camera. Dress up if you can. This will be a competency grade due on Saturday.

Parents can join the google classroom. Email me and I will send you an invitation.

We want your pictures

We are compiling pictures for the end of the year slideshow. If you have any pictures from a choir event we would love to include them. Click here to upload, or email them to me at

Trip Update #3

Trip update #3

Choir officer meeting Monday at 2:00

Attention Choir officers: Check your school google accounts for a virtual meeting Monday at 2:00.

Voice Lessons Still Available

Our voice lesson teacher, Miranda Newman, is teaching lessons online during the quarantine. If you are interested, you can email her at Click here for more information and a full bio..

Google voice number

If you need assistance with one of your assignments, you can contact me via google voice. That number is 832-953-5302. That number is active 8am - 4pm daily , unless I am in a meeting. Please note, this is not my personal number.

Remind codes

Make SURE your child or you are on remind. This is the best way for me to contact your child since I won't be able to meet face to face.

Text your class code to 81010

2nd period Concert Men @b99k

3rd period Varsity Chorale @be3f49

4th period Concert Women @h296bk

6th period Advanced Women: @k33f4

Office Hours

These are my office hours. I am completely available during these hours. Please note, my availability is not limited to these hours.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30 - 2:30

District Resources

Click here for District Login information

This will help you troubleshoot some of the programs your child is using.

Contact Me

I know this is a lot of information. Please feel free to email me at with any questions.

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Click here to go to my webpage with information about Facebook, Twitter and Remind sign ups.