Constitution: Guard Against Tyranny


Federalism keeps the state and national governments from gaining the ultimate power over each other.

Separation Of Powers

The separation of powers is a very important part of the Constitution because it prevents groups or single people from choosing to do whatever they wish.

Checks And Balances

Checks and balances helps the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny because it gives three different branches of governments to play. They are the Legislative Branch (creates laws), the Executive Branch (enforces laws), and the Judicial Branch (interpret laws). The checks and balances are helpful because they have a branch able to limit or minimize he power over the other two branches so no one branch has too much power.

Big States vs. Small States

The Great Compromise kept the large states from literally bullying the smaller states. The larger states got more representatives which led to more power. The smaller states disliked this because they had very little say in most to do with laws.