Boycotting KFC for its animal abuse

Boycott school project 2013 Grade 9

The boycott of the KFC franchise is one I would personally support. Because of many reasons, but one that stands out is the animal cruelty. Matters such as chickens not being killed in the process of slitting their throats, which results in the birds being scalded to death while conscious. Another is the birds's beaks being painfully and slowly chopped off, because animals go insane while being trapped in a crate for months and they fight other birds.

Kentucky Fried Cruelty a boycott of KFC

Information about the boycott

-The groups' name is kentucky fried cruelty.

-The product being boycotted is the Kentucky fried chicken produced by KFC

-They boycott the service for the brutal animal abuse these slaughter houses provide and in boycotting so we get better conditions for these poor unhealthy birds.

-You can support by going to their website and do the things to help like (going vegetarian and donating to the cause).

KFC: Kentucky Fried Cruelty