Experimenting and Data collecting

Job Description

Do you like discovering things? Do you like working outdoors? If you do, you should be a biologist. Biologists spend most of their time working outside collecting data for experiments. While working outside you get to find new animals and plants. Depending on what you like to do in this job, you get to work independently most of the time. Biologists also track land animals using sounds, paw prints, fecal matter and saliva.

Biologists are recognized according to the kind of organism that they study. For example, biologists who study animals are often known as zoologists. Biologists who specialize in plants are called botanists. Those who work with microscopic forms of plant and animal life, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, are known as microbiologists.


* Biologists identify and classify new plant species and perform experiments on their growth and behavior.

* They track land animals using sounds, paw prints, fecal matter and saliva.

* They conduct censuses of endangered animal species and observe their behavior patterns and interactions.

* Some biologists trap and tranquilize wild animals like bears and moose to record their physical measurements, paw size and age.

* They capture endangered species and transport them to wildlife sanctuaries.


Working outdoors

Ability to work independently