Caleb Abts

Class questions

1 Most extreme fear ?


Favorite T shirt

Army one because grandpa and dad were in Army.

5 Favorite Book genre and author?


6 If you could be anyone or anything for one day what would or who would you be?

Buzz Aldrin because he was the second man on moon.

7 If you had money to help anyone or group of people who would you help?

NASA for research and engines.

8 If you had three wishes what would they be

1 Having a monopoly on oil

2 Knowing everything and how it works

3 To be able to live on Pluto

9 If you had one day to do any thing what would you do?

Blow up the moon.

10 What is your favorite show? And actor or actress?

How the universe works and Johnny Deep.

11 Where would you go if you could go any where and why?

Germany to visit museums.

12 Where do you want to live after you graduate?

Oregon city because he was born there and doesn't know much about Oregon.

13 Whats your favorite place to go out to eat ?

Hoo Hut.

14 If you could meet any one from the past who would you meet?

Henry Lee Alofald ant tell him don't assassin John F Kennedy it wont prove anything .