Two tickets for obese passengers

two tickets, yes or no By:Griffin S.

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  • It is uncomfortable for both passengers
  • They will be touching each other the whole ride
  • One seat is tight for obese passengers
  • The backrest cannot move freely without them in two seats
  • The obese passenger will take up some of the other passengers seat
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  • People's safety is put at risk when they are sitting next to someone five times their size
  • The seat belt on the obese person's seat will not buckle because they will be sitting on the plug
  • They can buckle the belt tip into the plug of the next seat with two seats
  • It is safer than only having one seat for them
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Obese people's size

  • Obese passengers take up some of the other person's seat
  • Too big for one seat
  • People can get pinned to the window or wall
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The end

These are all reasons that obese people should buy two tickets.