Tech Honor Roll!

Teachers on a Roll with Technology

Incredible at Kelly

Thumbs up to Kristen O'Connor! She is always willing to try something new with technology! Kristen recently tested out using iPads in a 1 to 1 setting with her 2nd grade class using the app "PicCollage". Her students went on a photo hunt and created a collage of different kinds of genres from their classroom library. What a great way to get them engaged and reinforce their new learning of different kinds of books!

Winning at Wells

Kudos to Joy Cloukey for finding a way to use her new classroom iPad to track student progress during reading conferences. She uses the Confer app to jot notes, mark goals reached, and even take pictures of student progress on the spot. As she learns how to use this app to its fullest, she'll share what she has learned with colleagues and help create winners at Wells!

Magnificent Middle School

Bonjour and hats off to Abby Sales who is using technology to get to know her students. Using the Audio Recorder app (available in the Chrome store), 8th grade French students recorded voiceovers in French. Students then attached the audio files to a Prezi presentation that incorporated animations, photographs, and music. The results were impressive and the multimedia platform was an engaging way for students to create short biographies. Magnifique!

High School Hero

Three cheers for Laura Lapichino, who dove into teaching academic research for the first time with her Senior Capstone class this semester! The students are using databases and online resources to search for authentic sources, organizing their research using Evernote, and compiling their projects in shared folders on Google Drive. This is all new territory for a Foreign Language teacher, but Laura has handled it with humor and genuine curiosity! Her students are lucky to have a teacher who is willing to learn right alongside of them!