Computer Essentials

Mrs. Anne Williamson, Instructor

Career Tech Month

February is Career Tech month.

FBLA Week was celebrated February 8th - 12th at R. B. Hudson R. B. Hudson Middle School

· Monday - Service Day

o Students will take Valentines to Warren Manor and Lighthouse Nursing Homes

· Tuesday - Career Awareness Day

o FBLA members will dress in attire for their chosen career and create a QR code badge to wear telling about their career.

o Students will be able to scan FBLA members' QR Code badge and learn about their careers.

· Wednesday - Dress for Success Day

o Students will dress in attire appropriate for a job interview according the FBLA dress code.

o Students will create and record a one minute presentation explaining guidelines for appropriate dress.

o The presentation will be given over the intercom for the student body during the announcements.

· Thursday - Entrepreneurship

o Project Day Talent Show

Friday – Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Computer Essential Standards


Monday, Feb. 8th, 11am

R. B. Hudson Middle School

Monday: Service Project Day

FBLA students will take Valentine goody bags and cards to Warren Manor and the Lighthouse nursing homes and visit with patients.