Culture Project

Marah Petre


1. One of the traditions that my family does every Christmas is have oplatki, a polish edible paper, as a group before we eat Christmas dinner. You go around from family member to family member and give them a compliment, or simply say "Merry Christmas!" Even though I personally don't like it that much, it means a lot to my family and I because the tradition has ran in my family for as long as I can remember.!

2. Another tradition my family has is our Christmas trees. We have three of them, one for each floor of my house. The first tree is very small, but has a large sentimental value because it was my Grandpa's tree before he passed. The one on our main floor is really big! It's fake, but we have a ton of ornaments from many different places we've been to. It's a tradition as a small family to decorate it every year together on Saint Nick's and it's the main kickoff to the holiday season... The last tree is our theme tree in our basement. Every year we have a different theme for its decoration based on things that have come out of the year. For example... a volleyball tree, a school tree, etc.

3. The last main tradition my family has is our Polish parties!! My dad's side of he family is HUGE and 100% Polish. My dad is the youngest of 9 children, so imagine the size of our parties, plus cousins, dogs, etc. We have this party once a year, and even though my family is really close, it's a nice get together to have celebrating our Polish heritige. We all bring different Polish dishes like perogi's, polish sausage, etc and it's a really fun time!


1. Family time is a huge value for my family. Family will always be there so we are all is very close. We have different parties and get togethers often to stay in touch and thankfully mostly all of us live in southeastern Wisconsin. As I mentioned before my family is big, so the parties are always a lot of fun!!

2. Another big value that my family has is doing well in academics and staying involved with other activities like sports. My dad and my mom are both educators so I've always been motivated to do well in school and get good grades. I also stay involved in 3 sports that "keep me out of trouble." They sure keep me busy, but also keep me in shape!


My dad's side of the family were very religious Catholic's growing up. My Grandpa was a Deacon and he was so proud he even got a cross engraved on his tombstone and the name is Deacon Harvey Petre. Most of my family still are Catholic's and I was baptized Catholic, then my family and I switched over and are currently Lutherans. I am looking forward to being confirmed this May at my church!


My three aunts on my dad's side were very involved in music and theater as kids, and were very good at it too! My Auntie Gail was a singer. My Aunt Susie played music. One of their family tradition growing up is while my Aunt Susie played the piano on Christmas the whole family would sing Christmas carols and "Santa's jingle bells" would ring in the living room. All of the kids would run to the living room to try and catch him, and then all thee presents would be there! My Aunt Judy was also a dancer. I was also involved in acting until this past summer where I decided to just focus on sports, but it was a very fun experience for me and I had been acting since I was 7, I was in a lot of about 8 shows!


1. Like I said, my family is very athletic. My cousin plays college football for Washington University in St. Louis, and my other cousin Matt won his state golf tournament over the summer! I currently play basketball, volleyball, and run track. We all stay active and it's something I enjoy!

2. We also go on vacations a lot as a family. My small family tries to go on one large trip every summer and they are awesome! We've traveled to places like New York City, Los Angelas, and Washington D.C. My large family also has an annual summer Up North trip in Rhinelander that we go to! It's for all guys except for me, my sister, and 2 other girl cousins. We tube, swim, fish etc and I look forward to it every year!