By Carly

Polish Americans

These Polish Americans brought a whole bunch of things and foods. Like two cooked geese a family,or roasted chickens, and about two loaves of bread,hard boiled egg,sausage, and sweet bread. We still eat those things today. But there is one thing that is the most important. Some other things that they did and we still it today is dancing to music or just listening.Plus every morning some people go to church and then in the afternoon they would visit friends and family. But the most important thing is they brought Easter. But not just Easter they brought painting Easter egg for decoration.

Life was hard in Poland they had to rent land. That costed a lot of money. So when they grow their crops they had to sell most of it to pay for the rent. Then a bunch of people started coming to Poland and there wasn't enough land to support all the people.

This was caused by a environmental problem.

Russian Americans

The Russian Americans brought us accordion. We still use them today. The Russian soldiers are know for their skills at riding horses.

They lost their land because of the new government. They lost their freedom such as religion and small amount of food. So on July 17,1918 the new government and his family were dead.

This was cause by political reason.

Irish Americans

One thing that the Irish Americans brought to us is Irish music and food. But the most important thing that the Irish brought was St. Patrick's Day. Since we have that very special day in Chicago on the special day they die the Chicago river green for the day. Because they had it a long time ago and still have it today.

Now I know why the Irish came here , so they could get away from war. There weren't many reason they came here.

This is a Political reason.