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Interested in a Leadership Role Next Year?

Interested in a leadership role next year?

Applications are now available for the following stipend positions for the 17-18 school year: ILT, PSWE, PD Chair, eCompass Coordinator, PSWE Team Lead, PDP Coordinator, Data Lead, Equity Lead, and Site Council.

Applicants will be expected to be available to attend summer PD institutes. More information and applications can be found in the “Licensed Staff/Teacher Folder” on Google Docs within the “Stipend Positions” folder.

Please submit applications by May 5th to Jason Backes .

Important Info for MCTC !!!!

PSEO and Power of You Deadlines are quickly approaching!

If you have students who need to complete paperwork for either program, please send them to Robby to schedule an appointment.

Due Process

There have been a number of Special education trainings and opportunities that have come out from Kathleen Peterson recently.

Check them out.

Multilingual Resources

Minneapolis Public Schools is a safe place for all students and families, regardless of their immigration status, national origin or language. The Minneapolis Board of Education affirmed this in a resolution passed last December.

It is not the role of the district to ask about the citizenship or immigration status of any of our students or families, or to enforce federal immigration laws. It has been our practice to only provide information when required by law or a valid court order. MPS will continue to ensure all students have equitable access to educational and extracurricular opportunities, including rigorous courses, engaging activities, high-quality athletics and supportive services, regardless of immigration status.

Here is a link for Resources

Upcoming Dates

April 25-----------Licensed Staff Meeting- Google Class/Behavior/ Master Schedule

April 27 ----------Visit Transition Plus

April 27 ----------Family Engagement Night

April 28 ----------CBI Friday

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