Many Years After the Bangladesh War

By:Aubrey McLeod September 14,2016

Pakistan and Bangladesh

We have always called this country Pakistan but that wasn't the case before 1971. The official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan is located in the southern part of Asia. The country contains of several provinces, Punjab, Sind, North-West Frontier, Baluchistan, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The country is 339,697 square miles long. Pakistan is a very diverse country because in the northern part is mountains and the beautiful beaches in the south. The country also contains the second largest mountain in the world called K-2. Pakistan was formed from northwest India into two parts and this is how the Bangladesh war broke out.

In 1947, when the British finally let India become independent. There was two parts of Pakistan the East and the West. In 1971, the war was started by East Pakistan for independence from West Pakistan since they were two different Muslim areas. The United States threaten India with a nuclear strike on December 11,1971 because Nixon wanted to protect the interests of Pakistan. The Soviet Union was on India side and supported the army. They also sent a nuclear submarine to ward off the threats from the Indian Ocean by the USS Enterprise. It lasted roughly for nine months. East Pakistan became the independent nation of Bangladesh. After the war the United States blamed India.

After the war Pakistan women gained more power by more decision in everyday life but, did not work in office. The country had president not kings. Instead of the president running the military the governor does.The United States helped Pakistan to regained their military since the United States used Pakistan to supply weapons and fuel for Afghanistan war.Pakistan's government was deeply helped by the United States but the Pakistan helped United States by drone striking Afghanistan and killing 3,800 civilian people.

Pakistan and Bangladesh was split into two different Muslim categories after the war. The war brought a diverse amount of religion such as Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Muslim. The Hindus were persecuted and killed because the Muslims did not get along with the Hindus. After the war 200,000 women in Bangladesh and 400,000 women in Pakistan were raped and used as sex slaves. In public places, men were force to undress to prove they have been circumcised and hence were Muslim.