Summer 2015

Zoe Brooks



For the first two weeks of summer I can guarantee there was only one major thing I did and that was: sleep. In order for my summer to be totally enjoyable I needed to catch up on the one thing I lost the most of during the school year.

Out of the Woods

During the month of June, my best friend, Nicole, from Tulsa went to sleep away camp. Being the great friend I am, I became a pen pal of sorts to her. For the majority of her stay she was in the woods, living off the environment around her. She had no idea what was going on in the outside world. So my job was to send her a letter every couple of days to keep her updated and her spirits high. I sent pictures, candy, knick-knacks, etc. Once she got back to main camp (civilization) she said a mountain of things was waiting for her and she felt really special (but looked very gross; two weeks without a proper shower will do that to you).
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On the Road Again

July! My favorite part of this summer! This month was spent prepping for a concert at the end of the month. I had been waiting a year for it! The concert was on July 28th in Kansas City, MO. I was going with Nicole and some girls I had met through her. I drove up to Tulsa the Sunday before the show and stayed with Nicole. On Monday, our friend Isabelle, who had just gotten off the plane from Europe, drove over to Nicole's and we got on our way to Missouri! The two other girls were already on the road, by the time we left. It was so great to finally be reunited that Monday night. We were all thrumming with excitement. That Tuesday we got up early and got ready and headed into the plaza to shop around. At 3:00 we left for the stadium. The show didn't start till almost 9 at night, but it was worth the wait. The concert was amazing! The music, the fireworks, the guys! Being front row didn't hurt either! Three of my friends actually ended up meeting the band! It was a surreal night and I'll truly never forget it. That next morning it felt like it didn't even happen as we all got back On the Road Again to head home.


While I was away in Kansas City, my family back home was moving our stuff to Frisco. I hated that I couldn't be there to help, or to say one final goodbye to my friends. But in the end, everything went smoothly.


Summer Days Drifting Away

That was pretty much my summer in a nutshell ! However, the fun didn't really end. At the beginning of September, my mom, older sister and I took an impromptu trip to see the same band I had seen in July. Only we flew to Canada! That was such a cool experience and being surprised with going is something I will always remember!Now I'm already looking forward to next summer! I can't wait to go to Boston and NYC to explore my top college options, Emerson and New York University!