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Week of January 6, 2014

Reader's Workshop

This week we will start a study of non-fiction! I'm sure the kids are dying to do this since we have focused on fiction so far this year. This week we will learn good habits when it comes to reading non-fiction since it is very different that reading a story. Non-fiction can be read in any order or used as a reference. Text features are also included in non-fiction texts (things like titles/subtitles, charts, maps, diagrams, captions, labels, tables of contents, etc.). These things should never be skipped because they enhance our experience as non-fiction readers. But sadly, it is not unusual for kids to look past these important parts of non-fiction text. If you notice your child skipping these text features, encourage them to give it a look!

Writer's Workshop

This week begins our unit of poetry writing. This is much different than anything we have been doing thus far. Although your child will not be asked to write a poem on the state assessment, the strategies and ideas we learn can be applied to personal narrative and even to expository. We will dig deep into the use of language in poetry and how poets use language to their advantage. I hope that they can apply what they have learned to the many other types of writing they will experience.

This week we will look at "emotional poetry" and use many mentors to help us craft our own poems. We return to the heart map that we started at the beginning of the year as inspiration. I hope that your child finds that poetry isn't all that scary and they can do it easily!

Mentor Poem

We will look deeply at this poem and use it to create our own. I can't wait to see what the kids come up with! Ask your child about how they used this poem to inspire their own!

Where Do Poems Hide?

by Kitty Strauss

Where do poems hide?

They're sifting in the fine dust on a Nebraska dirt road

swirling in rainbow-gasoline pools near the dock

lazily steaming off pavement after a summer rain shower

singing a tangle of cricket night songs.

Can you see them?

They're hiding behind the "Employees Only" sign

wedged in the junkyard between two parked cars

sleeping softly in a dusty attic trunk

corked up tightly in dandelion wine.

If you look you can find them...

They're buried in the pile of discards at Goodwill

spinning in the dryer at the neighborhood laundromat

whispering in the window of the corner pawnshop

drifting silently in copper autumn leaves.

Important Information

There is a PTO meeting at noon on Thursday and Awards Assembly is this Friday at 2:30.

Next week:

  • Monday:Symphony field trip (wear your Sunday best/nice attire); Chess/Scrabble at 2:30
  • Tuesday: Reading Benchmark
  • Thursday: UIL competition (you should know already if your child is attending)

Have a wonderful week!