The Killer Candy Cane

The sweetest killer around

The Start

1.Late at night, the candy was strolling through the streets.2. A crazed treat, Fred the candy cane was looking for a late night snack.3. Looking through the allies being a creep, Fred was getting really hungry. 4.The first piece of candy, who was a Reese's cup, offered Fred for directions to the city hall. 5.While he walked toward Fred, the Reese's cup was soon eaten by the candy cane. 6.So the candy cane had a full dinner, he was full to the brim with peppermint.

Santa the Detective

As soon as they knew the Reese's was missing, Santa was very scared. He seen all of the peanut butter everywhere, it was gruesome. The whole gingerbread house smelled like death. Santa then after they were done with their investigation heard rumors of a crazy candy cane, but no names.
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The Capture

They got word of Fred being the murderer. Then the next day they found the killer and took him into jail. He served 23 dog years in Candy Castle. But the murders did not stop. The new murderer was The Cannibal Pixie Stik.
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Phrases, clauses, and sentences used

1.prepositional phrase

2.appositive phrase

3.participial phrase

4.adjective clause

5.adverb clause

6.compound sentence