Pack 80 Cubscouts

Newsletter - Volume 2

Upcoming Events

Livingston Parish Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 12

We are decorating at Cliff's at 10am. Cliff's address is 29910 South Pine Street in Livingston. We will be meeting at the high school for 5pm for the parade.

Pack Christmas Party

Monday, December 14

Christmas party will be at 6:30 in the school cafeteria.

Scouts should be in full dress uniform for both events.

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Nursing Home Visit

We have not yet set a new date for the nursing home visit, but are still in need of more items. We are collecting socks and throws. Please bring as many as you can to next few meetings.


Recharter time will be coming soon in February 2016. The cost for recharter is $27 per child and is good from 2/2016 - 2/2017. You can start paying at any time. Deadline for paying recharter is 2/10/2016.