Barko obama

By Cade Van horn

President obama is asking All americans to work together during his second team.Broko obama is our 44th president of the united states.His story is the american story values from the heartland and middle classes upbrining in a strong family.

With a father from kenya and a mother frm kansas ,president obama was born in hawaii on 1961 he was raised from the help of his grandfather.Who served in pattors army,and a grandmother who worked her way up from the secretarial pool middlemanegment and bank.

He is 6 foot 1 he was elected the 44th president of the united states on november 4,2008, and sworn in on january 20, 2009.He and his wife michelle obama are proud parents or two daughters malia,14 sasha,11 i hope you have lerned a lot.

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