A Visit To Neptune

Basic Information

Neptune is an outer planet in the solar system. It has 13 moons and is the most densest planet out of all the outer planets. Neptune is the eighth and last planet in our sold system. Neptune has a surface area of 2.941 billion sq. miles. It is the fourth largest planet by diameter is also the third largest planet by mass.

Where is Neptune?

Neptune is an outer planet so it is very far away from the Earth and Sun. The distance from the Earth to Neptune is 4.301 billion km. The distance from the Sun to Neptune is 4,498,252,900 km.
Neptune is blue and has a white spot where a hurricane is going on.
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Gases and Characteristics of the atmosphere of Neptune

Neptune's atmosphere is similar to the other outer planets. It mostly consists of Hydrogen and Helium. There is also a little bit of methane, water, and ammonia. The reason Neptune is blue is because it has a lot of methane.

Average Temperatures and Weather Conditions

The surface of Neptune is one of the coldest in the solar system. The average temperature on Neptune is -200 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, Neptune can even get down to -218 degrees Celsius.