IR Project

By: Emma Gignac

The Missadventures of Edgar and Allen Poe (main charecter discription and exposition)

Edgar and Allen are identical twins, very smart and talented in every subject. They are also very mischievous. One day the were called to the office (like usual) but they didn't know that they being expelled. Their aunt Judith is a retired teacher and now decides to home school the twins. But it doesn't end there...

The five most important events in the rising action

  • They decide to turn the basement into a classroom for the twins homeschooling
  • Edgar and Allen write letters to their classmates saying that they might be back in school next year if they are good
  • Rodrick is the family cat and one day he mysteriously goes missing
  • Aunt Judith has to get their homeschooling certified and must get the twins ready for the big day
  • They find were Rodrick is, but they don't know how they are going to get to Kansas to get him


When Aunt Judith really wants to impress the school (for home schooling) official Edgar and Allen give her a bad impression. They turn their classroom into a scary dungeon and turn the official away. The family decides to take a break of homeschooling and goes on a road trip to find Rodrick. They found Rodrick and brought him home, the finally got the homeschooling certified. Once the next school year started they finally went back to their public school, and learned their lesson to not make that much trouble ever again.


The theme was on not to lie and make so much trouble that it can get you in a lot of trouble. The theme was this because this story revolved around their trouble, everything bad that happened was because they did something bad.

About Homeschooling

When they first came up with home schooling there was not much knowledge and many parents and students did not want to do it. (according to national Home school academy) Now, over the years more and more people home school. Home schooling is not for everybody, but for the people that use it like it a lot. Home schooling is usually for K-12 and if you wanted you could certify for a online college. More and more kids learn every day with public and home schools and are successful every day.

The five most impoprtant facts from my home schooling scorce

  • In 1999, the Department of Ed estimated that there were about 850,000 home schoolers nationwide, and had increased to about 1.1 million by 2003
  • Currently, there are between 2.5 and 4 million home schoolers nationwide.
  • There is a list of over 1,400 colleges that accept home schoolers, and that list grows longer every day.
  • They feel that not only do the kids learn but if the parents are interactive they will learn too.
  • They estimate every year 15% more people home school