Fast Track DIW Promotion

Build Your Team & Earn FREE O2 Merchandise - Kay Rose

You have 60 Days from the time you are added to Kay Rose's DIW Fast Track Group to Qualify for these Prizes.

Sign up just ONE DIW & Choose a PRIZE: O2 Branded Bracelet, Nailfile, or a Pen!*

Sign up TWO DIWS, Get the Previous Prize & Your Choice of Either Two Luggage Tags or a Business Card Holder!*

Sign Up THREE DIWs, Get the Previous Prizes & Get a FREE CALCULATOR!*

Sign Up FOUR DIWs, Get the Previous Prizes & Get a FREE O2 Branded Toiletry/Supplies Bag!*

Sign Up FIVE DIWs, Get All of the Previous Prizes & Get Your Choice of a White or Aqua IPAD Cover!*

* Rules Governing This Promotion.

Prizes are awarded only after the DIW that you signed up has, in fact, joined as an active designer. If for any reason, a DIW does not join your team, they will not be counted as a sign-up.

There are only two IPAD covers available to be won, a white one and an aqua one. The first person to qualify will have their choice. The 2nd person to qualify will get the other cover. After the two covers are redeemed, there will not be a prize for signing up 5 DIWs.

Please note that prizes may be substituted due to availablilty and that the promotion may be discontinued at any time without notice.